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After years of discussing estate plans with hundreds of clients, I’ve learned that while each family is unique, all of my estate planning clients are looking for one thing – peace of mind. You need an estate-planning attorney who will listen to your goals and concerns in order to recommend an estate plan and documents tailored to your specific needs.

As an estate planning lawyer, I have drafted many types of estate documents, including Last Will and Testament, Revocable Grantor Trust, General and Durable Power of Attorney and Lady Bird Deed. Most estate plans involve one or more of these documents, which I can produce at my office and bring to your home – usually at no extra cost.

Whether you want to create an estate plan or review your current plan, I can help. And, “I make house calls”.


Sound legal advice regarding the purchase, sale, or operation of a business is essential to success. Regardless of the type of business, it takes an experienced business lawyer to properly counsel you and provide the necessary documents and contracts to accomplish your business objectives.

Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships and simple D/B/A’s are the more common forms of businesses, but − which is right for you? I can help you decide and then prepare all of the documents you will need. Purchasing or starting a business is much easier if you have sound legal advice from a business attorney with years of experience.

Selling a business is often a life-changing event with consequences that are likely to affect your future economic stability and, often, retirement. I have advised sellers and created the contracts for the sale of many types of businesses – from professional offices to party stores.Every sale is different and each must have clear, concise, and enforceable contracts that are tailored to fit your transaction.

Litigation is the last but often the only option if a business agreement is broken. I have successfully represented many businesses in various courts regarding breach of contract, specific performance, trade secret and non-competition violations, and many other lawsuits involving contracts or business agreements. You need an experienced litigation attorney to be effectively represented in court. I am a trial lawyer with a proven track record of achieving my client’s objectives. If you are, or may be going to court over a business dispute – call me.


Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing real property, an experienced real estate lawyer who is familiar with local ordinances can mean the difference between a smooth transaction and a nightmare. Only a qualified real estate attorney can provide the legal advice necessary to help you make the right decisions and then provide documents drawn specifically for your transaction.

Selling real estate can involve seller financing with a land contract or a mortgage. These types of sales require careful consideration and planning based upon effective legal advice. Whether it be residential or commercial property, I can help with any legal services you may need – from negotiating to closing the deal.

Effectively representing a buyer in a real estate transaction requires many skills and a great deal of experience. I have represented buyers of all types of real estate and can help you with any type of purchase of real property.

Leases of real property or an apartment are the cornerstone to every rental and are equally important to both landlord and tenant. Residential leases have many statutory requirements that must be included in any lease – together with legal duties imposed on both landlord and tenant. Commercial leases are very complex and often require clauses involving third parties. If a lease is involved, I am experienced in landlord-tenant law and can help.

Disputes over a boundary often result from a new survey. Obnoxious use by a neighbor, violations of zoning and property restrictions are but a few examples of when you need an experienced real estate lawyer. I have handled many types of real estate disputes over the last three decades. So, if you have or may have a dispute – call me.


Sometimes, it is necessary to open an estate in Probate Court to transfer ownership of an asset that belonged to a deceased person. Usually, the procedure is relatively simple and can be done without the assistance of a probate estate lawyer. Occasionally, because of the type of assets or the existence of an issue, legal advice from an attorney experienced in probate estates becomes essential.

I have provided legal advice in many probate estates and have appeared in many probate courts over the years. If you need help administering an estate, or representation regarding a claim – I can help.


Going to court is usually a stressful and difficult process. Lawsuits, especially those in circuit court, can involve complex issues of law, contested facts, and procedural requirements that only experienced litigators can navigate. You need a trial lawyer who is persuasive as well as knowledgeable. I have won jury trials, bench trials, and motion hearings. This experience enables me to provide the kind of legal advice you need in court.

I also have experience appealing cases when appropriate and have the distinction of successfully appealing a case to the Michigan Supreme Court.

If you are going to court, I have been there and can help. Let’s talk.


I began my legal career as an assistant Antrim County prosecutor in 1982. After approximately one year, I resigned that post and have done criminal defense ever since. I have extensive experience in OWI (operating while intoxicated), DWLS (driving while license suspended), and most other driving offenses. I have also advised clients on license restorations.

I have appeared in most types of misdemeanor cases. So, if you need legal advice in District Court – give me a call.


I have been practicing municipal law for over twenty years. I am currently the General Counsel for the Township Ambulance Authority. Contact me if you have questions involving municipal law.


As an attorney, I am proud to offer services that may settle disputes. In addition to years of litigation experience, I am trained in facilitative mediation that is used by our court system.

I offer impartial mediation services at any stage of a dispute, including when a court has ordered mediation. Settling cases is done when common ground can be found, and that is what a good mediator can often accomplish.

Please contact me if you are interested in or required to seek an alternative to trial.